Online Resources

Breaking Free Online

A confidential online treatment and recovery programme for problem drinking and drug use



Use the access code: openroad2020 to complete the required fields.

Revolutionising Recovery

For more information visit:

Lockdown Resources

Alcohol Anonymous Online

Find meetings online:

For more information call 0800 9177650 or email

Cocaine Anonymous Online

Find meetings online:

Narcotics Anonymous Online

Find meetings online: and

Smart Recovery

Follow ‘Resources’, ‘Toolbox’, ‘Smart Recovery’.

Find meetings online:

Apps in the App Store

Let Goh

Action for Happiness

Sober Time

Sober Grid

Cocaine Anonymous

Pocket Rehab

Mental Health Resources


116 123 or email (24 hours)

Papyrus (under 35)

0800 068 41 41

Sane – currently only via text

Peer support forum:


Text 85258

If you’re still looking for additional support online, there are loads of fantastic resources on YouTube for help with recovery, mental health and mindfulness.

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