What it’s like to work for Open Road

Open Road are made up of a number of projects and services, covering Essex and North Kent.  We employ just over 100 members of staff and around 180 volunteers.  This page is designed to give a better understanding of the different roles that make up each team.

AARCS and Outreach

With Centres in Clacton, Colchester, Chelmsford, Vange and Harlow, the AARCS service, along with the Essex Outreach projects employs 40% of our staff and is supported by 10% of our volunteers.

Kent Services

Our presence in North Kent has grown significantly over the past few years, with three services covering different client groups, representing 13% of the workforce and being supported by 8% of the volunteer group.

Head Office

The compact, unique and creative Head Office team work together to support the operational teams and includes the Senior Management Team who provide strong leadership to all under the Open Road banner.

Welfare and Volunteer Services

The Criminal Justice and Welfare team cover all volunteer-led projects in Essex, bringing the Open Road banner into the community, supporting those in the Criminal Justice system and assisting vulnerable people in many different circumstances.

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