Advice for parents, carers and teachers

Open Road offers advice to adults and young people struggling with drug and alcohol misuse, their friends and families.

Are you concerned about someone’s drinking or drug use?

Speaking to someone about their usage of drugs or drinking habits can be difficult to raise as they may not realise they have a problem or may be feeling guilty or embarrassed.

Keep Calm

When you decide to speak to someone about the situation ensure it is at a time where everyone is relaxed, calm and not under the influence. Do it in an environment which is familiar and safe.

No Blame

People can respond defensively to being blamed – Avoid accusing or blaming anyone for the situation and take the time to express your concerns to them whilst ensuring that you care and are there to support them.

Understand their world

First, find out if they feel they have a problem; is the situation a concern to them? Can they relate to what you have said in your concerns?


Do they want to make a change? – This is the most important point that someone with a problem has to get to: The first step!

The sales pitch

If they resist the idea of change, suggesting ways that the situation could improve can be of benefit to support someone’s mind set. Benefits of stopping drinking or drug use can include – better relationships, more control, better life opportunities, and better finances.

Direct them to Open Road

Let them know that organisations such as Open Road are available to discuss their situation and professionally support them through this. Our friendly and professional teams are on hand to guide them and you through addiction to recovery.

Be there for you too…

You may need support too if you are emotionally invested in this person. Look for someone that you can talk to about how this affects you emotionally and your concerns.

If you are professionally responsible for this person, then ensure that you notify a supervisor of your concerns for safeguarding purposes.

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