SOS Buses – volunteering

Both buses provide a safe haven at the centre of the nightime economy for any vulnerable person or anyone who is at risk. Our on-board medical teams work in specially adapted treatment rooms. We cannot operate the SOS Buses without our amazing teams of volunteers.

Your duties will include:

  • To be sensitive to visitor’s needs and their requests for help and not be judgemental as to why they need your help
  • Provide a listening ear to any visitor who wishes to talk in confidence to a volunteer
  • Engage with people passing the SOS Bus or by walking around the town in pairs talking to visitors and night clubbers about the SOS Bus, what we do, our telephone number and where to find us
  • Dealing with issues such as the inability of visitors to get home safely on their own
  • Talking to various visitors who approach the SOS Bus about a wide range of subjects such as alcohol misuse, drug misuse or being a victim of harassment or intimidation
  • Sign posting visitors to the right teams using the useful numbers we have stored on the SOS Bus. i.e. domestic violence helpline, rape helpline, mental health crisis team
  • Looking after any visitor to the SOS Bus that may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Completing monitoring forms on any visitor to the SOS Bus so that this information can be fed back to the SOS Bus co-ordinator and then these statistics can be used to gain more funding and prove what the SOS Bus is doing
  • Ensure that the table outside the SOS Bus is stocked with water bottles, cards with the SOS Bus phone number on and collection boxes if visitors wish to donate

How do I contact the Open Road Volunteer Team?

For volunteer enquiries, please email or call our Head Office Volunteer Team on 01206 369782

To apply, please complete a volunteer application form as well as an equal opportunities form and return to

Role Profile

Application Form

Equal Opportunities Form

Volunteer Testimonials

Read what some of our volunteers have to say about the role:

SOS Bus volunteer insight: Lillie

SOS Bus volunteer insight: Liam

SOS Bus volunteer insight: Ann

Lisa Eastman – SOS Bus Volunteer

I wanted to help others and make a difference. There are lots of vulnerable people out there when they have been drinking and I like to think I make a difference.

Sam Firth – SOS Bus Volunteer

Personal development and experience is certainly a huge perk. This also looks fantastic CV helping with employment both in and out of medical professions. Other benefits include freebies, most recently a team meal at Wagamama’s, all on the house!!.

Mark Bateman – SOS Bus Volunteer

If you like a challenge and want to contribute to the local community and make great friendships then please volunteer for a position on the SOS Buses you will not be disappointed.

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