Workplace Wellbeing

The impact and risk of workplace hangovers and “intoxication” to your business

In June 2019, the Institute of Alcohol studies (IAS) published its “Financial Headache – The cost of workplace hangovers and intoxication to the UK Economy” report to highlight the prevalence and cost of lost productivity as a direct result of drinking.

Our Wellbeing in the Workplace programme offers a range of services to businesses who recognise the importance of “wellbeing” in their most valuable asset – their staff.

Our programme is bespoke to your organisational needs, and aims to strike a balance between supporting your staff and the operational/legal demands of your business.

Read about the types of service on offer below or download a copy of our brochure here.

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Drug testing Service

Drug testing can be effective if done right and destructive if mishandled. Open Road’s drug testing service is delivered with consultation and consideration around your operational needs.

Shape your Policies and Procedures

Onsite workshop and follow-up

Awareness Sessions

Whole Staff Awareness Activities – from 2 hours up to half day session.

Online Resources and Apps

Check out the latest apps and resources available to give support at your fingertips 24/7

Manager training

Equip your managers and supervisors with the training required to spot the signs of alcohol and substance abuse and how to appropriately support those involved.

Corporate Services and fees

We are happy to discuss the specific needs of your business and our fees.