Our impact


Dean’s Story “My keyworker never gave up on me” Alison’s Story “Without this place of Open Road, I don’t know where I’d be” Amy’s Story

What people say

Open Road has supported thousands of people on their journey to recovery. Here are just some of the lovely things that people have said about our service, staff and volunteers. What people say about support from the Medway Young Peoples Service If you’ve got a positive story to share through working with Open Road, then […]


Open Road Is a leading charity in East Anglia and Kent providing wellbeing initiatives, counselling, and practical help for people affected by drug or alcohol addiction and other health and social problems. In 2019/20, Open Road: Helped over 9000 people with a wide range of problems including 2789 in structured drug and alcohol treatment and […]

How we make a difference

We commissioned Dr Sarah Senker from ATD Research and Consultancy to report on the impact of our services. Her paper,  ‘Evaluating and Evidencing the Impact of Open Road’ is the result. Sarah is an expert on the study and treatment of substance misuse and addiction, working with male offenders, women in hostels and young people. […]

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