S.W.E.A.T stands for Steroids, Weights, Education and Therapy. Our specialist SWEAT team supports people of all ages who are using, thinking about using, or have previously used image and performance enhancing drugs. We offer one to one support and group work specific to your steroid use and individual needs. 

We offer guidance and support with steroid-specific issues such as…

  • Achieving your goals.
  • Advice around post-cycle therapy.
  • Effects and the risks of using.
  • Healthy alternatives to steroid use.
  • Steroid reduction.
  • Harm minimisation.
  • Optimal diet, nutrition, sleep and effective training regimes.

We can also facilitate support for issues relating to…

  • Mental health and wellbeing.
  • Self esteem and feelings of worth.
  • Potential body image disorders.
  • Improving family & personal relationships.

Drop in to a Clinic…

We offer specialist drop-in services. In addition to providing needle exchange facilities, our team is on hand to support you without the need for a pre-arranged appointment.

Drop-ins currently operate at our centres in Basildon, Chelmsford &, Colchester between 9.30am - 5.00pm & Harlow on Thursdays between 10:00am - 4.00pm. 

Be part of exciting new research

Research into steroid and IPED (image and performance enhancing drugs) use is limited and our service is the first of its kind in Essex. The SWEAT service is funded by the National Lottery and the progress of this ground-breaking new service is being evaluated by the University of Essex.

We strive to have the most up to date information on how to best support people regarding body image and the use of image and performance enhancing drugs. If you would like to contribute to our research and share your personal knowledge and experiences, we would like to hear from you. Your information will be helping support the S.W.E.A.T project and countless other people who may be thinking about or using these substances in the future.

Contact SWEAT:

To contact us for support email: [email protected] or complete our self referral form

For press or general enquiries about S.W.E.A.T please contact [email protected]

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Justin's S.W.E.A.T experience

It helped me help myself
Justin was a long term steroid user. During 20 years of use, he recognised that steroids were having serious negative effects on his life but he was afraid of letting go of the habit and he didn't know how to stop. In particular, he feared damaging his relationship with his wife and young family if his image changed.
Justin constantly feared losing respect from his children - they were proud of his hulk like figure, often asking to "show off his muscles" to their friends - and he was afraid of how they would feel about him if he stopped using steroids became just an "ordinary dad".
He also felt that his steroid abuse was affecting his libido but did not know how to tell his wife for fear that she would feel it was her fault. He had been using steroids for so long he feared, that even if he stopped now, it was too late for his testosterone levels to return to normal and he worried about any withdrawal effects on his mental health. Justin knew he got the short term boost from steroids he needed, but he also realised it was time to stop.
Justin discussed his options with the S.W.E.A.T worker and we looked into ways to boost testosterone naturally through diet, workout regimes and mind-set.
We then looked at how to reduce his dependency and eventually cease his current cycle of behaviour. We discussed what his effects or "come down" may be, to prepare him.
As Justin's testosterone levels started re-balancing, he was ready to cope with the low moments and he stuck with the programme. A new healthy diet and workout regime meant, to Justin's surprise, that his testosterone levels began to return to normal after a few months - he even kept most of his "pumped-up" physique.
He also conquered all the self-doubt and re-built his self confidence. His relationship with his wife is now more honest and fulfilled, his children are even prouder of their farther, and he spends more time with them now because he is no longer obsessed with weight training. (And he's no longer feeding suppliers with cash that should be spent on his family)

Most other services just give you needles, but S.W.E.A.T actually listened

"S.W.E.A.T is the first service that actually listened to my needs and understood the difficulties behind my steroid misuse" he said. "most other services just give you your needles and don't ask how are you are?
"The Team gave me hope and helped me help myself into a sensible diet and fitness routine, and I would probably still be using now with no way out, if I hadn't found them."