Our Approach to Treatment

How does Open Road’s approach to recovery treatment look and feel?

  • We ensure that recovery is visible from the moment an individual engages with our substance misuse services.

  • Individuals who are well on the road to recovery themselves welcome new service users to our centres and encourage them to engage in relevant services. 

  • We take a solution focused, asset-based approach to treatment and recovery. We support individuals and families to develop their individual recovery capital and build on their existing strengths, skills and interests. Working alongside service users, we co-produce treatment and recovery plans ensuring that these are self-directed. Service users have control of their recovery plan and take ownership of their goals. 

  • We provide both 1-1 and group interventions using variety of Psychosocial interventions including:-

    • Motivational Interviewing

    • Cognitive behavioural therapy

    • Computer assisted therapy

    • Motivational enhancement therapy

    • Person-centred sessions

  • We use our group programs to bring people in treatment and recovery together to support learning and to build positive relationships, enabling them to gain insights into both their own and other people’s lives.

  • We motivate service users to take ownership and make positive changes in their lives.  

  • We deliver harm reduction initiatives and recognise that harm reduction and recovery both have a place in treatment.

  • We encourage and facilitate access to mutual aid (AA, NA, and SMART Recovery) and other peer support networks, in the local community.

  • We are developing the use of digital technology within our treatment service use an online case management to deliver services directly to people in communities and access on online interventions.

  • We build our programs with service users so that we understand what works and in order to develop and improve our interventions. This approach ensures that our services target the people they are designed to support.

  • We involve our recovery champions and peer mentors in our service delivery and encourage peer-led activities to extend the level of support available

  • We have qualified and dedicated staff who are empathetic and trained to work with service user and families. They deliver person-centred treatment, supporting service user to find achieve their individual recovery goals

Through our treatment and recovery pathway, we help reduce both drug and alcohol related deaths.

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