Appropriate Adult Service

The Essex Appropriate Adult service (EAA) provides professional and trained individuals to Police stations to support the legal processes involving children and vulnerable adults.

Appropriate Adults safeguard the rights, welfare and effective participation of children and vulnerable adults who are detained &/or being interviewed by the police.

This role is diverse, interesting & integral to the justice system, allowing Appropriate Adults to make a big difference to the individual’s experience whilst at a police station.

Essex Appropriate Adult Volunteer main tasks: 

  1. To carry out appropriate adult call-outs between the hours of 7am – 11pm, to designated police stations as agreed with the appropriate adult co-ordinator. 
  2. To support and assist the vulnerable person through the custody process 
  3. To ensure that the vulnerable person understands their rights and the police processes whilst in custody 
  4. To ensure that the health, well being, legal rights, access to a solicitor and entitlements of the vulnerable person whilst in custody are in accordance with PACE code C 
  5. To assist with communication between the vulnerable person and the police 
  6. To consult the vulnerable person’s custody record to clarify and check any concerns raised by the vulnerable person or police 
  7. To ensure that the police act fairly and with respect for the rights of the vulnerable person while in custody 
  8. To complete the appropriate adult report from, ensuring that all relevant information is recorded correctly, clearly and concisely and ensure that this is returned to the co-ordinator within 24 hours of completion 
  9. To Maintain the confidentiality of information received in the course of your role and ensure that information is not disclosed to a third party 
  10. To attend and participate in continuous training, support and 1-1 sessions as required 
  11. To actively ensure the safeguarding and promote the welfare of the vulnerable person whilst undertaking the above duties 
  12. To Communicate appropriate information to external agencies as required and is accordance with Open Roads data and sharing of information policy 
  13. Treat all individuals fairly and not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, ethic or racial origin, sexual orientation, social background, religion, disability or any other factor 
  14. To operate at all time within safe practice principles 

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How do I become an Appropriate Adult Volunteer?

To apply, please complete a volunteer application form as well as an equal opportunities form and return to

Role Profile

Application Form

Equal Opportunities Form

For volunteer enquiries, please email or call Head Office Volunteer Team on 01206 369782

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