Jon’s Story – Medway Wellbeing and Recovery

Hi, my name is Jon and I have been successful in my recovery with the support and encouragement of Open Road Medway Wellebing and Recovery Service.

After several months of unwavering support, I am a different person; the guidance of Open Road Medway Wellebing and Recovery Service has been so valuable and I am really thankful to the team for helping me on my journey.

My Story:

I began using drugs at an early age. At first it seemed to block out my problems but after a few years the fun stopped and everything just got out of control. My drug abuse affected all areas of my life. These behaviours began to lead to mental health issues.

I unsuccessfully tried to stop using drugs and alcohol on many occasions. After many years of abuse I almost gave up and attempted to take my own life; luckily for me, some very nice paramedics sat with me for hours that night and made some suggestions. I was desperate at this point and agreed to try anything as I didn’t want to experience these feelings again. I went to my GP who gave me information about Open Road Medway Wellebing and Recovery Service.

I was scared and reluctant when I went to my first session, it was the first step in my journey to recovery. I left the first meeting still feeling nervous but also very relieved. After attending several sessions I started to accept my issues; the balance of one to one support and group sessions helped me to begin to feel comfortable and relaxed in discussing my past behaviour and addictions. I used several different services offered by Open Road Medway Wellebing and Recovery Service – Relaxation groups, Peer Mentor led group sessions (people who have been there, got the t-shirt, come out the other side and now support others on their journey), Budgeting and Housing Advice sessions and confidence building, all of which has helped me no end.

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