Arthur’s Story – on beating alcohol

Arthur was an alcohol dependent client who was drinking 1 litre of Vodka per day for 20 years. He came into the service in January 2018, he was anxious, depressed, had no money due to losing his job, but did not know how to claim benefits.

He was in mortgage arrears of £38,000 and facing being made homeless. He was referred by me to Family Mosaic for housing related support, who then went about getting the client on benefits and speaking with the mortgage company.

He has now successfully completed a medical detox at Passmores, and then went straight into Community Rehab SHARPS in Wickford, he graduated, now attends 2 NA meetings every week, he is slowly paying off his mortgage arrears after successfully being put on Employment and support allowance, and is now looking at doing a training for a new career.

He has obtained sobriety and is feeling very positive about the future. He has now been placed in recovery support with Open Road and is engaging in ‘Futures in Mind’ on the Aspire programme and is currently engaging with ‘Breaking the Cycle’ with Synergy.

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