A massive thank you to Mandy

I’d just like to say a massive thank to Mandy. I had my first session with her this morning and to be honest I was terrified. Mandy made me feel at ease and was very helpful. I feel so much better about myself and my recovery. So if you could pass on my thanks I’d be very grateful.’

James * came to Open Road for his initial assessment, stating he had a history of daily cocaine use, schizoaffective disorder, hearing voices and regular self harm. He engaged with his keyworker on a regular basis, attended peer support groups, ear acupuncture and Action on Addiction groups with the view to working towards attending SHARPS. During this time, James also worked with his psychiatrist regarding his mental health. He reviewed his medication and successfully detoxed off diazepam. He also logged on to the Breaking Free Online app daily to help manage his triggers and cravings. James was accepted to the SHARPS programme on the condition that he attended a mental health review with his psychiatrist during the programme. At the review it was concluded that the majority of James’ mental health problems had been drug induced as he had not experienced hearing voices since his detox. So, it was decided to start reducing his mental health medications. James successfully completed the SHARPS programme and is currently engaging with recovery support and drop in groups. He celebrated 6 months clean on Christmas Day 2018.

* client’s real name has been changed.

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