The late May bank holiday weekend saw a team from Open Road attend the Steel Yard Festival 2019 to provide welfare services to festival goers.

The popular Creamfields event was attended by 30’000 people over the two days with a small team from Open Road headed up by Leigh Harvey on hand to see to the welfare needs of the masses.

Leigh gave a breakdown of the work carried out by the team over the two days:

On Saturday there were 17,000 in attendance and we supported the following numbers of people:

19 Lay downs of which:

9 Alcohol

6 Alcohol + Drugs

3 Drugs

1 Seizure

1 Reported missing person, later found

1 Reported missing person, found when attending welfare


178 general visits to welfare:

47 Water

10 General info

25 Minor medical

8 Emotional support

25 Lost property

63 Sun cream/sundries

The Sunday was quieter as 13,000 attended and our support included: –

13 Lay downs:

1 Drug Ketamine

1 Alcohol & Drugs MDMA

6 Alcohol of which 2 included high anxiety/panic attack

4 High Anxiety

1 Knee Injury (to rest after seen by Medics)

118 general visits to Welfare:

25 Water

10 General Info

22 Minor Medical

15 Emotional Support

31 Lost Property

15 Sun cream/Sundries

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