A request was received from the ASB Coordinator of Eastlight Community Homes to ask if Open Road could provide training around substance misuse and how this impacts the people around them.

Our focus was to give Eastlight employees a better understanding of the effects of substance abuse on the user and the family, how to recognise the signs, and what help/support is available. Specifically, the facts on the effects of prolonged cannabis use, and long-term physiological effects, as cannabis misuse is very common within our communities.

This training included:

  • An overview of Open Road services
  • Treatment pathways
  • The support available
  • Information on alcohol and the impact on the body
  • Drug awareness – types of drugs and the effects
  • Steroid use

The training was highly regarded and we received the following feedback:

Julie – Tenancy Coordinator

“Found the course to be really informative and interactive . Leigh clearly very knowledgeable.”

Sharon – Support Coordinator

“Thank you for organising the course. I found it frightening as well as interesting. It was a bit of an eye opener as to how rife it is in our area and beyond. It scares me to think what the next generation are going to have to deal with. Even though working within HfOP we see a lot of it believe it or not. We have a couple of cases going on at the moment with a HfOP scheme, which you wouldn’t think but it’s the perfect hiding place as no one would think to look there. It has a huge effect on the other customers living in the scheme .”

Renae- Tenancy Sustainment

“I really enjoyed the training it was presented really well in and open and honest relaxed way and it made it easier to ask questions and get great answers. It was very informative of the way Open Road works and supports and gave me a better understanding of rehab etc.”

Shirley – Executive Assistant

“I found the training excellent.   Leigh was very good at how she presented it and really knew her stuff.   This was definitely one of the most interesting, if not concerning, training I have been on.  It certainly opened my eyes to a lot of subjects I didn’t know a lot about and I feel will help me with my Mental Health First Aider role.   Well done and thank you.”

Rikki – Asset Surveyor

“Thanks for organising a great session, Gemma,  very useful indeed and took a lot away from it.”

We want to thank Eastlight Community Homes for the opportunity to deliver this training. If you feel your organisation would benefit from similar training, please contact us.

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