New Year's Eve and we'll be on the streets

So said Steve Wood (pictured here with his community award) Open Road's SOS Bus Manager when he was interviewed on Essex Radio's New Year's Eve prime time breakfast show. He also pointed out that our SOS Buses are definitely not the so called 'drunk tanks' recently reported in the National press. 

'They provide a much wider remit than simply taking in intoxicated people. Our two buses - based in Chelmsford City Centre and Colchester Town Centre provide a range of support services. We act as a refuge for those who are disoriented, isolated from their friends or simply lost. We give advice on a whole range of other services and we work with local taxi firms to get people home if they're in trouble. We have medics on board to carry out minor treatments and this avoids people going to A&E or getting involved with ambulances and the Police. It's estimated that we save the emergency services over £100K per year by providing our SOS buses from 8.00pm until 4.00am every weekend. And they are staffed largely by unpaid, trained volunteers - these people are worth their weight in god.

Happy New Year everybody!.'