“Everybody deserves a chance to get out of the situation they’re in if they really want to and Open Road gives them the chance to do just that”

In May 2019, the friends and family of John Richards continued their fundraising support for Open Road by running a quiz night & annual football match in his memory.

Chris Richards, the brother of John and owner of Tendring Blind & Shutters tells us about the connection to Open Road & recent fundraising events:

“The reason that I raise money for Open Road is that when my brother was alive he often visited the (Open Road) Clacton branch. He would look for help when he was struggling and Open Road provided that shoulder to cry on. I think everybody deserves a chance to get out of the situation they're in if they really want to and Open Road gives them the chance to do just that.

Speaking of the Quiz night:

“On Friday 3rd May we hosted a quiz night, disco & raffle at Firs Caravan Park, Clacton. The quiz night came about because we wanted to raise some extra money so we could relax a bit at the annual footy match, take the pressure off a bit.

I'd love to say that the Quiz idea was mine but it was all down to a good friend Ellie, who done a fantastic job! Not only as quiz master, but in spending a lot of her spare time writing the questions. I donated a £250 blinds and shutter voucher to the quiz night raffle & I'd be happy to do something similar in the future. It was a great night and we really want to do it again later in the year where we invite Open Road to attend again and defend their crown” –

Challenge accepted Chris! And yes, one of the Open Road team’s won the quiz! In total, £400 was raised for Open Road on the night.

Chris tells us about the third annual football match hosted in memory of his brother John:

John used to be a regular at our Wednesday night kickaround at the leisure centre and when he died one of the guys Charlie came up with the idea of a 11 a side game at FC Clacton. It is a great chance for the lads to get together to remember John.

Charlie has been brilliant sorting the football side of things -I couldn't do it without him! We then decided to involve Open Road, so we charged the players to play, had a raffle and had a few side stalls and it was really successful. We've just had our 3rd match and all the guys really look forward to it each year. The match and event raised a total of £429 for Open Road.”


In total, £829 was raised for Open Road over the two events this year by the family and friends of John. This total is added to previous years efforts of £1500.  We express our thanks to everyone who helped make these events the success they were and are glad that everyone had fun over the two events. This money is so important in providing the local front line services that we offer in Clacton, the rest of Essex & Medway.


“I love the events we put on, it's a great excuse for friends and family to get together to remember John and to raise some cash for Open Road is an added bonus”.
-Chris Richards of Tendring Blinds & Shutters

Are you inspired by this story to host a quiz night or football match and raise money for Open Road? Then visit our fundraising section to find out more. We would love to hear from you!