Open Road has announced that it is set to release a new charity single titled "Keep Moving" on 27th September 2019. Proceeds from the track will go towards helping Open Road provide its services across Essex & Medway.

Here we get an insight into how the track came about:

The people behind the track 

The lyrics and vocals on the track are performed by Lorraine Gray, who works at Open Road's Basildon (Vange) centre as a Recovery Key Worker. The track is produced by Lee Mitchell of Ground State. The pair have worked together for several years on numerous other tracks, mainly of the trance, dance and house genres. Lorraine and Lee have previously worked together on producing a charity track to raise money for the homeless. 

Lorraine has written and sung vocals for many different producers worldwide over the past 6 years and is always kept busy with a constant workflow of requested lyrics for tracks. Lorraine writes and sings her vocals at Lee's recording studio, which they then forward to the relevant producers around the world.

Lee describes that his interest comes from his passion and enjoyment of listening to music, so much so that one day he decided to make his own tracks - and he has been doing so for several years ever since.

The background to "Keep Moving" 

Lorraine & Lee explain how the track came about: 

The track is influenced by the engagements that Lorraine had with the clients at Open Road & through listening to the stories that they have shared. Lorraine decided to begin to pen together some lyrics to make sense of what the clients are going through. These lyrics quickly blossomed into vocals which fitted perfectly with an untitled track that Lee had been working on at the time & thus "Keep Moving" was born! 

Lorraine further explains - "The personal stories that i have listened to can often be trauma based and the aim of this track is to emphasise their struggles whilst also focusing on a positive outcome that there is light at the end of this very difficult and challenging road to recovery."

The track's Artwork

The artwork was created by Emma - an art therapy client at Open Road's Medway Wellbeing & Recovery Service. This artwork visually represents some of the pieces of a puzzle that people have to put together when going through recovery & abstinence. 

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