Claire “Brizzie” Brisbourne, who volunteers at our Chelmsford centre, heard that she had won a place in the London Marathon last May. She has been training hard ever since, often with her devoted boxer dog, Peggy. All of Claire's hard work came to fruition on Sunday 28th April when she completed the race in an astounding 3hr 45m 15 seconds. This represents an average pace of 8m25 per mile whilst raising money for Open Road. (Peggy watched from home.)

As a result of Claire's excellent time, she automatically qualifies for next year’s London Marathon. Along her route, Claire was joined by many others running for charitable causes, and even radio celebrity Chris Evans was lucky enough to meet her.

Claire said afterwards “It was an awesome run. I finished by helping a friend who was struggling across the line, which is an amazing feeling in itself. I am delighted to have raised £765.00 for Open Road and I'd like to thank everybody who made a contribution towards that huge sum."

Open Road's second runner, Emma Hernandez, who put in 4 months of hard graft, blood sweat and tears had to reluctantly pull out just 2 weeks before the event with a chronic knee injury. To have taken part in the marathon would have been agony from a very early stage in the race and lead to potentially life long damage, so she has wisely decided to recover gradually but is determined to take another run at it next year. In the process of training, Emma raised a total of £710.00.