Family support

Support is available to you too…

We understand that addiction doesn’t just affect the individual, it impacts on families, friends and communities.

Open Road and young people partners, EYPDAS, not only provide support services to the clients but also to their families. Services available to you as a supporter include:

  • One to One Support

  • Drug information

  • Addiction Awareness

  • Wellbeing and relaxation guidance

  • Group support

  • Legal Advice

For more information on the young people’s service contact or call 07725 639582

LATEST NEWS – We are launching a families, carers and affected others support group at our Colchester centre, supported by ADFAM starting 04th March 2019. If you are interested in attending this group or would like further information, please contact or talk to Matt on 07737 161922.

Be there for them..

Learning that a loved one has an issue with drink or drugs is very difficult for all of those involved. The care, compassion and support that you show can make a huge difference, giving them the confidence and reason to reach the stages of recovery.

Take care of yourself…

Feeling angry, fearful, hopeless or sad are just some of the understandable emotions that you may be going through yourself. Whilst your loved one is struggling and will need your support, it is most important that you look after your own health and needs first. It may well be that you are finding this situation very difficult to deal with. If this is the case then considering getting your own support through psychotherapy/counselling will be of benefit. If you notice your health deteriorating, then speak to your doctor. 

Empower them with choice…

If you have found out that someone you know has an issue with drink or drugs, please avoid trying to control the situation. Open Road works with people across Essex and Medway to guide people on their journey to recovery, however, we can only work with people who want to be helped.

If you have someone in mind, who states that they do not want to change, then having a calm and honest conversation with them about how it is affecting everyone is your starting point. Learn about each other’s experiences, fears and desired outcomes before guiding them towards a service such as Open Road. Most importantly, emphasise that you are there to support them, and entering into our service has to be their choice.

There are a number of other support agencies available to you across the UK if the person you are supporting does not wish to engage in our service:

Adfam – – Information and support for families and friends of drug alcohol users, including meetings

Al Anon – – Support for anyone who has been affected by someone else’s drinking

Famanon – – Families anonymous, providing support forums and meetings across the UK to anyone affected by someone elses use of drugs or associated behavioural problems.

UK Smart Recovery family and friends – –  an evidence-based approach to support individuals with a loved one struggling with addiction. This organisation offers online meetings.

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