Chemsex Support

Alcohol and drugs can be a fun and manageable part of many people’s sex lives. But sometimes, chems use can become out of control, leading to problems affecting your social life, family, work, money and health. If you are experiencing difficulties maintaining or managing your life outside of chemsex, or would like help or advice to reduce or take a break from chemsex, support is available.

Support with substance use can be accessed through Open Road services – click on the ‘support’ tab above and select ‘help for yourself’. Alternatively, online support services are available at

Open Road are currently undertaking research to identify how chemsex-specific support services could be designed and delivered to meet the needs of people in Essex. Please take part in our quick survey by clicking on this link

We are also keen to hear from anyone who has been, or is still currently, active in Chemsex. To contribute your thoughts regarding accessing chemsex support, or to share your experiences of issues surrounding chemsex, please get in touch with our research worker or on 07538 751124.

All research correspondence is completely confidential and anonymous. Engagement with research is voluntary and will not affect any support services you may choose to access.

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