Our Approach to Treatment

Open Road aims to provide high quality, effective and evidence-based treatment in the community for those struggling with addictions to drugs and / or alcohol. Read more

Recovery Support

We recognise that Recovery does not happen in isolation – it is generally learned from other people who have gone down the same road and who are in a good position to ‘mentor’ or model our methods and principles of recovery. Our support services and activities build on and maintain clients’ progress and wellbeing. Read more

Needle and Syringe Programme

The Needle & Syringe Programme is for injecting drug users. We provide sterile injecting equipment and associated paraphernalia; i.e. sterile swabs and safe disposal bins. We give advice on harm minimisation and health related issues. Read more

Drop in services

We provide a warm and inviting Drop-in service where no appointment is necessary. Anyone affected by drugs and alcohol including friends and family can drop in for support. Read more

IPEDs and steroids - SWEAT

S.W.E.A.T Project is Open Road's Steroid and IPED (Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs) service, support previous, current and potential users to prevent risk of harm and avoid abuse. Read more

Art therapy in action

Activities like drawing, painting and creative writing are offered at all Open Road centres. Read more