L & B’s accessories was created during the pandemic.... my Nan has been fighting her battle with cancer and winning up until lockdown began... when her treatment was sadly withdrawn, unable to go about her day to day activities and the lack of social interactions, I noticed how her well-being began to decline and physically she began to look frail.

This made me feel very sad and confused about what was going on around me. I noticed on the news and social media that many others were also going through similar situations and struggling with their well being..I wanted to do something to help.

Pre-lockdown my nan loved to shop it kept her going physically and mentally and she also enjoyed the social aspect of having a chat with others over a hot cup of coffee.
My sister and I decided to create L & B’s accessories... bringing shopping at ease to our Nan... we decided on fun and enjoyable products for all to enjoy, helping to improve their well-being and to raise awareness of the different support networks out there in the community.... whilst raising funds for these important services during such difficult times.

Our chosen charity for March will be www.openroad.org.uk who are celebrating their 30th anniversary of providing specialist drug and alcohol support to the communities of Kent & Essex.

We will be attending 30 parks for 30 minutes for 30 days.

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